Summary after Eaquals Association International Conference in Malaga

Thank you very much for your interest during the Eaquals Association International Conference 2015 held in Malaga. It was great to have met you. 

For us, those 3 days in Spain were filled with new, enriching experiences. We hope that we managed to reciprocate it and that you have found Michał Bartosiński speeach „What does the language education environment lose for fear of the new technology?” inspiring. We’re waiting for your feedback.

As there was not enough time to talk extensively about LangLion Platform – we would like to invite you to a special free webinar that will be held on 29th April 10:00 AM GMT.

During this online training you will be able to get detailed glimpse of what LangLion Platform is and how it may improve all managing processes at a language school. 

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